PROJECT IS CLOSED DEFINITELY. Leftovers are for sale. 2D drawings to be published soon. For 3D models please contact by E-mail.
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paramotor the earth


Q: Is it possible to buy the frame only?- I want to install my own engine.

A: We can sell you the frame separately, but you must understand that only few engines is possible to fit into it.

Besides the installation requires a severe modification of the exhaust system which is done by us only for Top80 and Vittorazi Fly100Evo engines so far. If you want to install one of these engines you have to order the exhaust pipe as well. Some other engines, like FlyEngines with gear reduction drive could be theoretically fitted. Most other engines are impossible to fit into this frame either because the exhaust modification is a problem or because their reduction drive configuration does not allow folding.


Q: Is the cage strong?

A: The cage is approximately the same strong as that of Miniplane. It can flex to some extent and requires some care during forward takeoff. Full power launch is not recommended. In forward launch it is advisable to add thye power gradually as the wing inflates and comes overhead.


Q: Can paraportator be equipped with high hang point harness?

A: Yes, it is possible. Some early prototypes were actually tested with high hang point harnesses before the Delta-shape low hang point system was developed. High hang point option will be added to the current Paraportator design in the nearest future.

Manuals and tech info

Here are some links to instruction manuals of the engines used in Paraportator.

Vittorazi Fly100Evo